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Prefabrication in the construction industry is on a hot growth path and is expected to exceed the market capitalization of USD 200 billion in the next 16 months.

MEPF submarines work with highly modular components in their projects, but often suffer from having to assemble them under suboptimal conditions (e.g.

Pipe reels

MEP prefabrication promises the possibility of manufacturing off-site and saving labor and material on site. This promise builds on a foundation laid by BIM (Building Information Modeling). LOD400 BIM can provide precise, build-quality models that are matched during prefabrication so that they can be converted into coil drawings and prefabricated in your tightly controlled factory before they are shipped to the construction site for installation.

A.) The contractual 2D design documents are converted into a 3D model.

B.) The devices, parts and equipment are placed in the model. We have access to the largest library of manufacturing quality BIM models.

C.) The model is coordinated with the trades during the construction preparation and is canceled as collision-free.

D.) Then we split the model into coils and create simple, visual workshop drawings in which all parts are labeled according to size and orientation. In this phase we also create a comprehensive quantity takeoff (QTO).

E.) You can now source parts and use our workshop drawings to assemble coils in your facility.

F.) At last you can deliver coils and equipment to the construction site and hang the coils exactly where they should be with our installation drawings!

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