Professional roofers in Charlotte discuss the best types of chimneys

Amazing! Professional roofers in Charlotte discuss the best types of chimneys

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Roofers in Charlotte agree that a chimney is a very important part of the home. Many homes today have chimneys installed as part of their roof structure. A fireplace is very important because it will keep the residents of the house warm and cozy in the cold season. Now winter is approaching in great strides, you should also consider a chimney.

However, the decision to install a chimney is the easy part. The hard part is deciding which type of chimney will best suit your style and budget. This is not easy as there are several options to choose from. This article will make it easier for you as it will teach you about the 6 best types of chimneys to invest in.

Types of chimneys

1. Brick chimneys

Wall chimneys are one of the most common and common types of chimneys. It is usually made from materials such as brick, cement, stone, or blocks. In the brick chimney, a tunnel-like channel is attached to the roof, which lets the heat and smoke through upwards.

An advantage of choosing the masonry chimney is that the bricks used in its construction can absorb heat, and that heat is distributed to other rooms. You need this for the winter season. Another advantage of this type of chimney is that, with proper maintenance and cleaning, it can last a very long time. Its longevity is one of the reasons Charlotte roofers consider it one of the best chimneys on the market.

2. Factory-made chimney

This type of chimney is a contemporary / modern type. Also known as a prefabricated chimney, it is common in homes with a more modern design. The trendy design of the chimney also includes a beautiful fireplace.

The chimney is called prefabricated because it is made from sheet metal. The factory construction is completed at the factory before it is delivered to your home for installation.

3. Double walled chimney

This type of chimney is also known as a bulk-insulated chimney and is made up of two or two layers of metal, usually stainless steel. Insulating material is usually placed between the double layers, which reduces the exchange of intense heat.

4. Metal fireplace

Metal chimneys are similar to brick chimneys. However, they take up more space than the brick chimney. Compared to the brick chimney, the metal chimney is not so good for aesthetics. The chimney is either double-walled or triple-walled.

With double-walled metal chimneys, there is insulation between the walls. However, in a three-walled chimney, the wall layers contain air between them to insulate and dissipate heat.

5. Air-insulated chimney

This type of chimney is designed to minimize air movement between the many layers of stainless steel metals. In an air-insulated chimney, the air acts as an insulator.

Air-insulated chimneys are quite expensive and difficult to install. However, they are very perfect for cold weather and very durable too. So you are getting great value for your money.

Hire the best roofers in Charlotte NC

Chimneys are now very valuable investments. Don’t wait until it’s too late to think about installing a chimney for your family’s warmth. However, you will also need to check your roof to see if it is in healthy condition before installing your chimney.

Hire a professional roofer in Charlotte to provide you with the best roof inspection and chimney installation services. Extended roof and facade offers commercial roofing and Roofing service for residential buildings to Charlotte NC and the surrounding area.

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