Proprietary Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC): What is It?

Amazing! Proprietary Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC): What is It?

Information about Proprietary Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC): What is It?

Phil Puccio

Guest blog post by JP Binard, owner and manager of Precast Systems Technology, LLC

The Capital Grille restaurant has a side dish called Lobster Mac ‘N’ Cheese on the menu. For $ 20, you can have an order delivered to your table in a small cast iron pan. It is made with a wide variety of cheeses: a soft, hard and robust, a spicy like Havarti, and a hot like a cheddar. A special open-ended pasta is used to better absorb the sauce – and unlike other noodles, it is not rinsed or refrigerated beforehand. Add the whipped cream, North Atlantic lobster and the fourth cheese (not in the sauce, but after combining) and the result is a dish with a unique complexity.

This proprietary recipe is more or less shared online – but could you easily recreate a dish like this repeatably at home? Getting a variety of ingredients from a typical grocery store takes considerable planning, and I haven’t made it to the seafood restaurant yet.

The less elaborate versions of macaroni and cheese without lobster come in a box and are protected by trademark or trade secret ingredient. “Owned” means that the mix is ​​owned and the owner has added value because they designed and tested a product to ensure that even a beginner gets the same results every time..

These are easy-to-use and highly repeatable versions of a classic that anyone can create by reading the instructions. No special training is required as all steps are designed for consistency. If you’re going camping with your family, even a serious food lover will likely still toss one of those prepackaged boxes for the kids instead of lugging around all of the specialty ingredients.

In many ways, UHPC is like macaroni and cheese – maybe a lobster mac ‘n’ cheese. Building in any form is all too often like camping with minimal resources in open-air molds and with challenging environmental fluctuations.

For UHPC to be cast effectively and consistently, the mix needs to be advanced and straightforward.

When done correctly, the proprietary components come pre-packaged, with the components precisely measured and the quality of each component monitored for repeatability. The added value lies in the management of the raw materials: receipt, processing, packaging, dispatch, mixing technology and technical support on site. These can be scaled to reduce the cost of every aspect of management, but they must be in place to ensure quality and repeatability, regardless of whether a UHPC is proprietary or non-proprietary.

In construction, a good example of a proprietary product that we use all the time, an epoxy, is used for critical joints or repairs. Similarly, UHPC can also have an A, B and maybe a C, D and E part that need to be mixed up by instructions. The components (A through E) are precise and the quality of each component is monitored for repeatability. If the recipe is followed, the same result will occur, just as with epoxy.

When implementing UHPC on a project, wonder if the casting environment will be like camping in the wilderness – or if it will be done in a commercial kitchen with all the resources and expertise to carry out the task.

However, the word “proprietary” is not the problem; especially if it meets the end goal of a consistent result.

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