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Standing on the same page with your roofer is crucial when planning your roof replacement, and asking the right questions is a good place to start. You will probably come up with completely different questions; However, make sure you include the following. Local residential and commercial roofing company Hinkle Roofing explains in today’s post.

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“What roof systems do you offer?”

Most people would default to an asphalt shingle roof or the same type as they currently have. A roof replacement project is an opportunity to choose a more durable roof, or perhaps one that better suits your needs – with better impact resistance, a different color palette, or higher wind and fire ratings. If your roofing contractor offers options like metal or tile, it may be worth exploring longer-lasting, low-maintenance options.

“How long does a roof replacement usually take?”

A typical time frame for roof replacement is between three and seven days. However, there are variables that affect this. Some are inherent to the project, such as the choice of roofing material, the complexity of the project and the total roof area. Others are external and cannot be controlled by roofing companies, such as B. bad weather. In any case, expect your roof replacement project to disrupt your daily activities. An experienced roofer should help you plan this along with the project itself.

“What is your process for unexpected repairs?”

Hidden problems – like moisture damage on the roof terrace – that could not be found during the initial inspection can require unexpected repairs. In old houses, the frame may no longer be up to code and a new frame may need to be built. The cost of such repairs would not have been included in the original estimate and will be added to the contract price. Talk to your roofer about the process, specifically how much to budget for hidden damage and how to sign off for additional work.

Hinkle Roofing provides residential and commercial roofing services to clients in Birmingham, AL and the surrounding communities. Call us at (205) 324-8545 or fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment.

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