Replacement Windows or Siding: Which Comes First?

Amazing! Replacement Windows or Siding: Which Comes First?

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Replacing both your siding and windows is a great way to boost the aesthetics of your home. It would definitely be cheaper to do both projects at the same time. But you might be wondering which one should go first. Hinkle Roofing provides more insight into the matter here.

Replacement window or siding

Windows in front of siding

It’s almost always better to install your windows in front of your siding. This will help your contractors set them in place and complete the covering and framing. Plus, they don’t need to do any trimming or siding work. However, it still depends on what kind of new windows you install.

  • new build window. These windows are installed from the outside, which means you may have to remove the paneling or trim first. Depending on the scope of the window installation project, it may also include adding the moisture barrier, repairing the cover or frame, and waterproofing the exterior.

  • replacement window. Because replacement windows are installed from the inside, you can choose to install them before or after your siding. Removing the siding is no longer necessary, but your contractor can still inspect the frame, cover, and moisture barrier to determine if they are in good condition. Window replacement is best left in the hands of a professional installer.

Siding as the last step

Try to think of your siding as the last step in your project. With your new or replacement windows now complete, it’s finally time to install your siding. This ensures that if there is a problem with the windows, you don’t have to redo or rip out any siding work.

If you’ve already decided to have your windows replaced and then your siding, Hinkle Roofing is here to help. Speak to us today to learn more about your replacement window and trim options. Call (205) 324-8545 or fill out our Contact form to request a free estimate.

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