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As homeowners, we only have to replace our roof system minimally. Indeed with today lifetime guarantees, many homeowners may only need to go through this project once. But if your home needs a roof replacement, what is a fair estimate of the cost of a roof replacement in Port Charlotte, Florida?

Let us tell you what it should cost to renew your roof.

Roof replacement costs – what to watch out for

Roofers take several factors into account when determining the price of a new roof. These factors include:

  • Roof type (flat, sloping, high or low)
  • Size of the roof
  • Shingles already on the roof
  • Selected materials: metal roofs, shingles, tile roofs, asphalt roofs
  • Hidden roof problems
  • Roof elements such as chimneys and skylights

Therefore, a simple roof with a slight slope, few angles and no features such as skylights or protruding windows will cost you the least, while a complex roof with a steep slope, multiple chimneys, skylights and different angles will cost you more.

Calculation of the roof costs

Let’s take a look at how a professional roofer would get you a quote for your home.

Roofers typically report materials in squares that are 100 square feet, or an area of ​​10 by 10 feet.

For a new roof with GAF asphalt shingles plus high-quality workmanship and a lifetime guarantee, you should expect a price of around 400 US dollars per square meter.

Port Charlotte, Florida roof replacement - 25 sq

Replacement of residential roof – 25 square

Approximate prices for a roof replacement with a roof system like this GAF Lifetime roof system were:

  • 18 square = $ 7,500
  • 25 square = $ 10,000
  • 40 square = $ 16,000

You can probably guess the size of your roof if you don’t have many angles, but a skilled builder will give you a more accurate estimate.

The cost of $ 400 per square meter includes the following items:

  • Remove old roof
  • Substitute materials
  • Ice and water protection
  • labour costs
  • Installation costs
Replacement of residential roof - 40 square

Replacement of the residential roof – 13 Square

If everything goes well with the old roof extension, there won’t be many surprises unless several layers of shingles are removed.

However, if the old roof comes off and rot and other problems start appearing, expect about $ 50 per panel for plywood decking and a little more work to ensure your new roof doesn’t have any unforeseen problems.

If your roof has multiple layers of shingles, expect an additional $ 100 for two layers or $ 300 for three layers. Putting new shingles over an old roof can save you some money in the short term, but you can pay for it if you ever need to tear down the old roof and start over.

Other unexpected problems with the roof can also add to the cost.

Hire a reliable roofer

When looking for a roofer, how do you know you picked a company that delivers quality work that it stands behind? Make sure the roofer:

  • Knows the peculiarities of the local building regulations.
  • Has adequate fall protection, liability and workers’ accident insurance and can collect its own permits
  • Offers substantial guarantees or is a certified GAF ​​Master Elite ™ contractor
  • Offers quality reviews and testimonials
Replacement of the residential roof - 15 to 18 square meters

Replacement of the residential roof – 15 to 18 square meters

A professional roofer will be much more efficient, knowledgeable and able to complete the job quickly and with higher quality work.

We all know there are contractors out there who will offer you a very low price to get the job. Make sure they can meet all of the above qualifications or disqualify them immediately.

Why are these qualifications important?

  • If the building codes are not up to date, your project can be given a work freeze.
  • If you are required to issue the permit yourself, you are responsible for third party liability or workers’ compensation insurance in the event something happens on your property. Louisiana requires roofers to purchase specialty insurance due to the nature of the work. A properly licensed roofer will provide you with proof of insurance and will be responsible for any mishaps that might happen during the roofing work.
  • If the contractor cannot offer the highest guarantees in the industry, you cannot guarantee that the work will be done correctly.
  • And if your contractor can’t provide high quality reviews and testimonials, why take the risk?

Hiring a roofer for the price alone might seem like a good deal, but how much will the new roof cost you overall in the long run?

When hiring a roofer, use these guidelines, both in terms of pricing and the qualifications of the contractor, to ensure that you are hiring a roofing company to provide you with a roof replacement estimate that is appropriate to the project and quality corresponds to the execution.

If you need a new roof, or just need a roof repair, contact All Weather Tite Roofing for a free estimate with no hidden costs.

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