Roofing company in Charlotte NC discuss tree damage

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Roofers will help you avoid roof damage from trees

A Charlotte, NC roofing contractor can help you identify danger signs from trees on your property. Trees can damage your gutters and possibly your entire home when you least expect it, despite the prevailing notion that they are beautiful and integral parts of your property. You can use the indicators below to determine when a neighboring tree is likely to damage your gutters and home.

Watch out for overgrown roots

Some structures already have fundamental flaws that allow root penetration. In other cases, a house’s foundation can be increased by the extensive root system of a tree. Overgrown roots that collect water from the foundation are also detrimental to your home as they can cause the building to settle and sink unevenly.

Beware of fallen leaves

Although you like fallen leaves, they can seriously damage your roof and gutter system. A long-term buildup of leaves, pine needles, or other material in your gutters can impede the proper flow of water through the gutters and downspouts. When a clog forms, water can seep from the sides of your home. The foundation, attic, roof, and other components of your home could all be affected. To ensure your roof is in good condition, schedule gutter cleaning and roof inspections.

Consider moss growth

Trees can promote the growth of moss on your roof because they create optimal conditions for it. If a tree casts too much shade, moss can appear on the shingles. This can shorten the life of the roof as shingles become loose or break. A healthy tree may not be able to be removed, but you can have it pruned to reduce the amount of shade it casts and the chance of moss developing. You may also begin to notice moss on the tree as it begins to rot.

hanging branches

A dangling branch hitting your roof can damage it in a number of ways. Whether a branch is heavy or light, it can still damage your roof. A larger branch can crack your roof, while a smaller branch can scratch it, causing cracks and leaks. Older trees deteriorate and are at risk of deterioration from termites or other insects that have easy access to your home. Prune your trees regularly to prevent this from happening. Keep the area around your home clear of obstructions and have your trees inspected by a licensed roofer.

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