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Have you experienced small plumbing problems around your home? While a leaking faucet handle may seem like a simple fix, it can portend a larger problem. The bigger problem is the potential damage to your plumbing system that high water pressure can cause. High water pressure can cause many problems on your property. In addition to leaks, damaged fittings and destroyed seals, high water pressure can also affect the longevity of your water-based equipment.

Luckily, our team at Mr. Plumber in San Antonio knows all about plumbing problems! So we’ve rounded up a few ways for homeowners to determine if their water pressure is up too high.

Running hot water

Steaming hot showers are awesome, but never seem to have enough hot water? If so, your water pressure could be the problem. Water heaters can only heat so much water at a time. If your water flows too fast due to high water pressure, you will probably run out of hot water quickly.

This can overwhelm your water heater and cause it to die out sooner than expected. It’s definitely worth getting to the bottom of the cause of your tight hot water supply!

Noisy sanitary appliances

Your water dependent equipment can be stressed if your home’s water pressure is too high.
Here are some things to look out for with your devices:

  • Your washing machine is particularly noisy when filling
  • An unusually loud rinse cycle
  • A toilet that continues to run or flush independently

These are all signs of water pressure problems. The mechanisms and seals inside these machines wear out quickly when they have to work with high water pressure. As these parts wear out, your machines will work harder and die sooner.


Faucets, showerheads, and pipes can all leak if your water pressure is too high. Sometimes all of your faucets can have a constant drip, which is a waste of money! Faucets can also quickly spit and splash water when turned on. As for your pipes, the high water pressure will put a lot of strain on your home’s plumbing. This can cause loose connections and pressure leaks in the pipes. If pipe leaks are not fixed, they can lead to water damage and mold growth.

Sometimes pipe leaks are hard to spot. They can hide behind walls, ceilings, and floors where you won’t notice the damage until rot or a foul odor appears. No matter what type of leak you have, it’s important to get it fixed right away!

Banging and noisy pipes

When you turn off your faucet, do you hear a banging sound like a hammer? This is called “water hammer” and excessive water pressure in your home’s water main can cause this. This high water pressure causes the pipes to collapse when the water flow stops or changes. While this noise is definitely annoying, it can also be harmful. Water hammer often loosens plumbing connections and even breaks pipes.

Expensive water bills

If your water bill suddenly increases, or if you’re paying more than your neighbors, you may have undiagnosed plumbing problems. Again, high water pressure could be to blame. The reason for this is that high water pressure causes you to use more water. High water pressure can cause you to use 6 gallons left of water every 10 minutes when a faucet is running. This can cause the water bill to increase fairly quickly.

Essentially, it wastes both water and money!

How high should my water pressure be?

So obviously high water pressure is not good. But how accurate should a house’s water pressure be? And what is high water pressure compared to low water pressure? Our Mr. Plumber experts have the answers!

First, water pressure is the measure of how strong your water flow is. We measure the water pressure in hp, or pounds per square inch. Typically normal water pressure is from 40 to 60psi. However, the ideal Measurement is usually 50 hp, but may vary slightly from house to house. You can always check and adjust your water pressure at home or call in the experts!

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Countless plumbing issues can arise‌ so you need a reliable plumbing company to turn to. At Mr. Plumber, our experts are always here to help. We offer all types of services from kitchen and bathroom installations to water heaters and sewer inspections. When you contact our team, you can trust us to get things right the first time!

To the high quality and reliable service, call us Mr Plumber! Since 1977, we’ve proudly served the people of San Antonio, Texas and the surrounding area.

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