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Many homes in Texas are built on a concrete slab foundation, with no additional buffer between the ground floor of your home and the ground. Therefore, the lines often run directly under the houses; and if yours is on a slab, your plumbing system is most likely encased in that concrete.

As your house and its pipes age, they become damaged and leak – which you don’t want.

What is a disk leak?

These leaks, or disk leaks, are notoriously easy to miss until significant damage has occurred. Leaks in the plate should be repaired as soon as possible to avoid major damage.

Our experts at Mr. Plumber are fully equipped to effectively identify and repair panel leaks with minimal damage to your home. If you suspect your plate is leaking, contact us today! Read below for more information on signs of a leak.

High water bill

Watch your water bill. If you haven’t changed your water usage, but your home’s water usage has suddenly increased, it’s time to investigate. One way to test for a leak is to turn off all your appliances and plumbing fixtures and watch your water meter. If after a few minutes it still says water is in use, you may have a leak.

Random pools of water

If you notice water pooling in one or more specific areas of your home but cannot locate the source, it is another indication that you may have a leak. If a panel leaks, water will pool under the panel until it finds a drain and can present itself in your home in the following ways:


  • Spontaneous formation of puddles or moisture on the floor
  • Areas of carpet that appear darker or damper compared to the rest
  • Warped or kinked hardwood floors
  • Mildew, mold stains or musty smells


Walk around your house. If you don’t overwater and don’t have watering problems, but find standing water, mud, or moss, a plate leak is likely the culprit.

Additionally, if water appears to be pouring or spilling out of your foundation without a hose nearby, you may have a leak.

Sounds of dripping or running water

Can you hear the sound of running or dripping water even when the faucets and fixtures are turned off? If none of your appliances or interior are leaking, you probably have a plumbing problem, and it may be inside the panel.

Floor “Hot Spots”

A key indicator of a disk leak is a noticeably warm or humid spot on the floor of a room in your home. If a hot water line in your panel is leaking, heat from this accumulated water can be transferred to the floor or areas surrounding it.

Cracks in ceilings and walls

It is common for hairline cracks to form in the ceiling or walls of your home over time as they age and settle with each passing season. If new, significant cracks suddenly develop, this could indicate a problem with the plumbing.

Reduced water pressure

When there is an active leak in your panel, some of the water flowing through the pipes escapes where it shouldn’t and less gets where it needs to go. As a result, you may notice that the water pressure in your home decreases. So if you notice a sudden, reduced water pressure in your faucets or shower when other fixtures are not also being used, you may have a plate leak.

Causes of a disk leak

Many things can cause a panel leak, especially in older homes, but the four most common causes are:

  • Leaking pipes
  • corrosion erosion
  • Corrosion of dissimilar metals
  • Binding by ground movement

How to fix a disk leak

Disk leaks are extremely complicated to repair and should only be repaired by licensed, professional technicians. If you notice any of these anomalies in your home, contact our friendly experts at Mr. Plumber – we can identify the leak, diagnose its severity and provide you with bespoke, viable repair options!

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