Spring Roof Maintenance Tips in Texas

Amazing! Spring Roof Maintenance Tips in Texas

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When we say we pride ourselves on being the leading roofing company in Texas, we can back it up with real value for our customers. Rebuild Texas is a roofing company providing exceptional residential and commercial roofing services to people near Dallas / Fort Worth and beyond. We are able to repair and install flat roofs, tile roofs, shingle roofs, and other types of roofs throughout the state of Texas.

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  • Gutter systems and gutter repair

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Early spring in sunny Texas

In our last post, we took the opportunity to offer a few Roof maintenance tips in Texas for beginners. Whether you are a new homeowner or are used to paying a handyman to look after your roof, we hope you have the chance to read our last blog post when you get the chance! In this post, we’ve discussed the specifics related to removing branches, cleaning siding and gutters, and other important tasks. Today’s post is going to pick up where we left off in a way, only this time we’re going to focus more on what every homeowner needs to know when it comes to winter and spring roof maintenance. If you could use a few tips from a roofing company who knows their way around a roof, by all means read on!

Storm damage

Texas is a large state, and as such, climates can vary significantly from region to region. But most Texas churches have one thing in common: We experience our fair share of storms. Whether in spring, winter or otherwise, Mother Nature takes its toll on all of us. That means you need to check your roof for storm damage from time to time – especially after the winter. There is no more important time for this than after a hailstorm, which most of us have fortunately avoided so far. If you encounter a hailstorm, be sure to check your entire roof for missing or broken singles. It is important to replace these missing or broken shingles as soon as possible so you can avoid the need for a roof repair.

Blink control

We’re still talking about roofs here folks so don’t come up with any funny ideas. Roofing is the thin pieces of waterproof material that are installed to keep water from entering your home. Well, this roof maintenance tip likely requires a basic understanding of roofs; Check the bezels on your roof around your skylight or chimney if your roof has them. Check the vent pipes and other areas of the roof where the roof panels have been attached to make sure they are still secure. If you are proactive with your flashing, you can save a huge sum of money!

Wind damage

An integral part of storm damage is the damage that can be caused by strong winds. Most of us in Texas have to deal with howling winds at some point, and this can compromise, and add to, the integrity of our roofs. After a severe storm, check your roof for missing or curled shingles. Replace them as soon as you can. Do not hesitate when dirt needs to be removed.


Houston is usually much more humid than DFW; most of them know that much. But no matter where you live, most people don’t realize that the more humid a region is, the more humid a region is, the more they have to look for moss or algae that have grown on the roof. Too often homeowners wait until the moss is overgrown because it is particularly noticeable, if not garish. Why? Moss or algae can become a serious problem if you let it, so don’t listen to Paul McCartney for roof maintenance. Moss can migrate from your roof onto the siding. However, if you are in the unfortunate position that the algae have already spread, don’t hesitate to call Rebuild Texas for a quick and affordable solution!

Spot checks

A “spot check” is just another way of quickly scanning your tar and gravel roof. You want to look for spots that are bare or exposed on the surface. What you want to do is cover such areas with pea gravel as soon as you discover bald spots. This is a simple solution and goes a long way in keeping the integrity of your roof intact for as long as possible. If the bald spots have already been exposed to precipitation and have become somewhat “spongy”, it may be worthwhile to hire a roofer to diagnose the problem for you. When you call Rebuild Texas we offer free estimates and exceptional customer service!

Gutter check

Repairing gutters is cheaper than replacing gutters. Make sure you identify minor issues before they arise great However, problems will cost you time every now and then. But what can a homeowner like yourself do to diagnose possible gutter problems? You’ll want to check for clogged, loose, or leaky gutters before doing anything else. There may be a drainage problem where the gutters are catching the water. If for any reason you feel more comfortable with the experts working for you, we would be happy to come to your home or business!

Blinds and soffits

Reveals are the metal or wooden panels that run along the underside of the roof. Panels are the wooden or metal boards that are located under the eaves or along the roof membrane. Believe it or not, we didn’t tell you just so one day you could win Who will be a millionaire someday, but we think you should know that checking these areas is usually overlooked during a routine spring roof check. Look for soft spots or holes that need to be replaced.

Get your free estimate!

We hope you enjoyed this quick look at spring roof maintenance. Remember we’re only a phone call away if you’re not the home improvement guy. All of our roofing services are included Financing options available – including fast approvals, no prepayment penalties and affordable payment options. When you are ready to get one Cost estimate or if you are looking for additional information, please feel free to give us a call at Rebuild Texas. We love to hear from you, whether you are looking for a roofer in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston or beyond!

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