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Rebuild Texas is the certified roofer of choice for a large number of Texas communities. With a lifetime material warranty and 50 year labor warranties, cities like Colleyville, Dallas, Fort Worth, Grapevine, Houston, Southlake, and Temple enjoy the many benefits of choosing one of the best one percent roofers in the nation, it has been confirmed from our CertainTeed Select Shingle Master Ranking. From the fact that we offer free roof appraisals, inspections and valuations to the team of licensed insurance experts, there is simply a lot to like about Rebuild Texas – whether you are looking for a residential or commercial roofer in Texas.

However, today’s post is no longer about our virtues as a roofing company. Instead, we’d like to take this opportunity to share some roof maintenance tips for our readers looking to extend the life of their roofs. We want today’s post to be a practical advantage, regardless of whether you choose us as a roofer in the future or not! So read on if you’re interested in getting some roof cleaning and maintenance tips from your friendly local roofers at Rebuild Texas!

Roof maintenance tips for beginners

We’re going to try to keep it simple in today’s post when roof maintenance, repairs, and other more complicated tasks can’t be dangerous for any other reason! It takes a professional to get chores beyond seasonal cleaning and maintenance, so we definitely don’t want you to bite off more than you can chew – especially if you’re a new homeowner and have no experience with this type of maintenance . All in all, make sure that you are comfortable with what you are doing.


Let’s talk about mold. We usually look out for mold in our home, but rarely are we concerned about the possibility of mold being present under our shingles unless directed to do so. Consider yourself asked to do so, because untreated algae, fungi or other molds can damage your roofing material, which in turn can lead to leaks. You probably don’t need to contact a roofer to solve this problem, as all you will need to treat the problem is chlorine bleach or copper sulfate. Of course, you need to identify the problem first, which you can easily do by looking for streaking discoloration on your roof.

Tree limbs

This point is simple – at least in theory, if not execution: never let branches touch your roof. This is pretty easy to understand no matter what type of roof you have. Reduce the chance of a calamity (if it’s a large branch) or a minor fallout from shingles (if it’s small) by being the best garden cutter you can be!

Cleaning your siding

We may have only mentioned the roof maintenance tips above, but since we offer siding services that include repair and installation, we can also address the best way to clean your siding right here. Usually reserved for spring cleaning activities, we don’t think it’s a bad time to get your chores done – so why not get your neighbors on their feet and start early this year? You can use a solution of water and bleach to get the job done (with one teaspoon of bleach per quart of water). But if you’d rather not use chlorine-based bleach, oxygen bleach may do the job. It won’t be that tough on your siding, but it may not be as effective on mold growth that you have.

Spotlight: Shingle grains in your gutters

Let’s talk about shingle granules and make sure your gutters don’t get clogged. Shingle granules, sometimes referred to as shingle sediment, are made up of chippings that separate the roof surface from other asphalt shingles. If you have asphalt shingles, you should be aware that there is a natural loss of granules. So it’s important to check your gutters to make sure there isn’t too much debris in them.

While there will be some drop in shingle sediment, you don’t want too much of it to happen. The granules actually provide an important protective layer and prevent harmful UV rays from wearing out your asphalt shingles too quickly. If you notice too much buildup in your gutters, it may be time to get a free estimate from Rebuild Texas. We can efficiently diagnose the case and best address the problem!

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