The 9 Most Popular Stamped Concrete Patterns (Updated!)

Amazing! The 9 Most Popular Stamped Concrete Patterns (Updated!)

Information about The 9 Most Popular Stamped Concrete Patterns (Updated!)

Phil Puccio

As a stamped concrete contractor myself, I install lots of terraces, walkways, and pool decks from stamped concrete.

I surveyed hundreds of other stamped concrete manufacturers in the United States and asked them to give me their favorite samples.

Listed below are the Top 9 embossed concrete samples all of these contractors said they use the most.

Cuboid slate concrete stamp patternCuboid slate pattern

The pattern I used for this stamped concrete terrace was Majestic Ashlar from Butterfield Colors.

I added gull gray integral paint to the mix, 1 sachet per yard, and I used deep charcoal release powder.

I use this color combination for many different stamp patterns. It goes with almost anything!

The top 9 embossed concrete patterns with colors

#1. The most popular stamp pattern is Ashlar Slate.

This is the pattern that I install the most of as well.

There are different sizes of Ashlar slate depending on which manufacturer the stamp entrepreneur bought their stamps from.

This image has mocha integral color and walnut release.

# 2. Wooden plank

The wood look is very popular.

You can make concrete look like wood as you can see.

Wood stamp patterns are 6 inches, 12 inches, and 16 inches wide.

Mocha brown integral color with walnut release.

# 3. Seamless slate

This stamp pattern really highlights the slate structure.

Concrete that is punched like slate is a good surface for all patios, walkways, and pool decks

# 4. Seamless stone

This stone structure pattern gives the concrete the appearance of real stone.

Another favorite of mine, I also stamp a lot of concrete with this one.

# 5. Arizona flag

This pattern has stones of several sizes and stones of random shapes.

The uneven grout lines give the concrete the appearance of real stones.

By far the most popular of the “stone” looking patterns.

# 6. Roman slate

The slate texture is widespread. Roman slate looks great on any type of patio.

Most brown and light brown color combinations go well with this pattern.

# 7. Italian slate

Another stamp pattern in the slate family with a slightly different texture.

#8th. Seamless old granite

Old granite texture is very popular for punching concrete stairs and steps.

The veins in this stamp pattern make it look like real granite.

A gray integral concrete color with charcoal release brings you the colors of natural granite.

Gull gray integral color with charcoal release.

# 9. Random stone

This is one of my favorites.

Using integral color Mocha Brown with Charcoal Release gives you this look.

This pattern is fantastic for patios and walkways.

Mocha brown integral color with low charcoal delivery.

The most popular stamp concrete patterns for wood

All of these stamp patterns make your concrete look like wood. The wood plank look is great these days.

I like to use a brown integral color with a dark release like walnut or charcoal.

The 16 inch barnboard pattern is what I stamp most often. The wood grain and the branches look very realistic.

Punched concrete from wooden planks is ideal for patios and interior floors.

The most popular punched concrete patterns from ahslar

There are many different Ashlar stamp patterns to choose from. The following four are the most popular.

What sets them apart is the size of the slate stones and the texture of the surface.

The pattern I install the most is Majestic Ashlar with the built-in color Gull Gray and Charcoal Release.

Just like the picture at the top of the page!

Majestic ashlar slate
Ashlar York Stone
Ashlar blue stone
Ashlar New England slate

Die-cut concrete patterns used for patios

Punched concrete patterns for patios

There are an endless amount of patterns, designs, and colors that you can use for an embossed concrete patio.

Many people choose some type of Ashlar slate pattern as you can see above. Bordered patterns are popular too, but simple is good too.

punched concrete patterns for terracesPunched concrete patterns for patios

The stamp patterns in the picture above starting from the top (from left to right):

Top row: Large cuboid slate with edge: Stone structure: Herringbone brick with brick edge

Middle row from left to right: large cuboid slate: cuboid blue stone: herringbone with edge

Bottom row from left to right: Cobblestone with border: Random Stone: Ashlar Old Granite

Photos courtesy of Ageless Concrete

Die-cut concrete patterns for driveways

You can use almost any stamp pattern for a concrete driveway.

The pattern and color of the concrete should emphasize the house and flow with the landscaping.

The driveways embossed with a border pattern catch my eye more than the others.

Ashlar slate is great for driveways. Stone texture and slate texture pattern are also very good.

Cobblestone with gray integral paint and charcoal release looks very realistic and is also great for driveways.

where can you buy concrete pattern stamps

You can buy die-cut concrete samples at

Clicking the picture will take you to their website where you can check out each sample and the cost of the stamps.

You can buy individual stamps or a whole set. There are edge stamps, rollers, texture mats and all the necessary touch-up tools.

If you want to learn how to stamp concrete with me, I have one Training course that teaches you all the basics about stamping patios, patios, sidewalks, and floors.

If you are thinking of buying a stamp set, I recommend choosing Ashlar Slate as your first set. It is by far the most popular pattern of all postage stamps.

As a second choice, I would suggest a seamless slate or seamless stone texture mat. You will want to get at least 4 seamless mats of the texture you choose.

If you are new to concrete stamping, the seamless texture mats are the easiest to learn.

If you want to learn how to punch concrete with me, Check out my stamp course here.

You can also get your integral concrete paint, powder release, liquid release and stamped concrete sealer at

Animal embossed concrete patterns

Adding an animal footprint or paw print to your punched concrete will give the concrete character.

These animal patterns can be added to regular concrete surfaces or given an embossed pattern.

If you live in a rural area or “out in the woods” it seems pretty normal to have a footprint in your concrete.

Animal track stamp pattern
Animal track stamp pattern
Animal track stamp pattern

Medallion embossed concrete pattern








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