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The project

The award-winning dr. D. Holmes Morton of Strasburg, Lancaster, Penn. created a medical model that began when he and his wife, Caroline, developed the nonprofit framework and community organization that became a children’s hospital for children with rare diseases, hereditary diseases that prevalent among the Plain People—mainly Amish and Mennonite—who live in rural communities, usually far from health centers, and who are knowledgeable about genetic diseases.

Her newest clinic in Belleville, called Central Pennsylvania Clinic, a special children’s and adults’ medical home, also a nonprofit, is a family practice that treats patients of all ages suffering from rare genetic disorders. Before the clinic opened, more than 500 patients with nearly 100 genetic diseases traveled two to five hours for comprehensive pediatric care.

The clinic provides care and services on three floors: Main Level – Main Entrance; Reception; office and waiting room; exam rooms; a treatment and treatment room; bloodletting room; a patient, family and doctor consultation room; conference room for employees; and personnel offices. Lower level – biochemical and molecular laboratories; dental practice; Physiotherapy and ergotherapy rooms; hearing and vision laboratories; and personnel offices. Upper level – meeting room for medical and community gatherings; Kitchen; Workspaces for students, doctors and nurses in training; and a genetic and medical library.

In true Amish fashion, the church organized a committee, assigned responsibilities, assigned tasks, and completed them. The project was an affair of the heart with material and work donations as well as monetary donations. The facility features a 24-gauge Kynar charcoal gray standing seam metal roof with the S-5!’s ColorGard® snow retention system. Kyfus Metals Sales used New Tech Machinery’s portable sheet forming machine to roll form the steel from EB Martin Roofing and AB Martin Roofing on site.

The challenge

In addition to determining an aesthetic solution that would blend with the beautiful landscape of this hilly rural community, the varied roof contours and pitches presented the installers with the challenge of determining the exact snow loads. In addition, the clinic anticipated a lot of foot traffic and wanted to ensure a strong, durable snow containment system to protect foot traffic in and out of this busy Amish clinic.

Another challenge was coordinating the umbrella project as it is a community project to which many local businesses donate. The cladding and cladding work had to be precisely engineered to accommodate the metal roof panels. It was crucial that all components were compatible with this standing seam roof where everything snaps into place. And the roof installers cared about getting it right®.

The solution

Fisher’s Roofing used the complete S-5! ColorGard System, including S-5-S™ Clamp, VersaClip™ and SnowClip™ II. Together, the snow retention solution provided the desired aesthetic as the ColorGard System provided a perfect color and finish match that was designed to last the life of the roof . And it offered the fully tested and engineered security they needed to protect customers from snow sliding off the new metal roof.

New York-based EB Martin Roofing donated the steel along with local roofing company AB Martin Roofing. Other local companies including Kyfus Metal Sales donated their time and equipment to roll the steel on site and Fisher’s Roofing donated their time to install the roof and finish the snow retention system. The result was a beautiful roof and facility that would serve the community for years to come.

project team

Architect:Henry Architecture and Design
general contractor: construction at sunset

Roofer:Fisherman’s canopy
steel supplier:AB Martin Roofing & EB Martin Roofing

roll former:Kyfus Metals Sales

snow skirt: S-5!

roof stats

  • roof profile:24 gauge, 19.5 panel, anthracite gray Kynar standing seam metal roof
  • roof measurement:About 12,000 square meters
  • roof pitch: 4:12
  • S-5! Assembly products included: ColorGard® (26), S-5-S™ Clamp (130), VersaClip™ (130), SnowClip™ II (64)

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