The Differences Between Shingle Cracking and Splitting

Amazing! The Differences Between Shingle Cracking and Splitting

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Do you see cracks or lines running down the surface of your asphalt shingle roof? You may be dealing with cracked or split shingles. They look the same at first glance, but these two forms of shingles differ in many ways. Local residential u commercial roofer Hinkle Roofing explains the differences between the two.

    Cracking and splitting shingle

What is Shingle Cracking?

During the manufacturing process, volatiles or low-boiling point chemicals are added to the asphalt mixture to provide flexibility and waterproofing to the shingles. However, weathering as a result of long-term exposure to the elements can cause the roofing materials to lose these volatile components. Over time, the asphalt shingles will dry, shrink and crack.

roofing companies point to aging as the most common cause of cracking in asphalt shingles. The thermal expansion creates smaller cracks in each case, which is why the cracks are usually shallow. However, these are not just limited to old shingles. Even fairly new ones can have this problem, especially if the materials have a weak asphalt base or too much filler has been mixed in during manufacture.

What is Shingle Splitting?

Splitting of shingles also occurs due to long-term exposure to the elements. However, the difference between the two problems lies in the depth of the cracks. While cracked shingles are only superficially deep, splitting shingles are characterized by deep cracks running throughout the material. This means that the layers of shingle will pull apart as they expand and contract under fluctuating temperatures.

When splitting occurs, the joints between the shingles are subjected to too much stress. It also reduces the effectiveness of the adhesives beneath the material, exposing your roof to the damaging effects of moisture infiltration. Strong winds can also cause split shingles to be blown away.

This will prevent cracks and splits

To ensure your asphalt shingles don’t crack or chip, choose quality roofing materials that will stand up to the elements for most of their lifespan. Working with an experienced residential and commercial canopy Contractor is also crucial in ensuring proper installation and maintenance of the roof.

Hinkle Roofing is the roofing contractor trusted by homeowners in Jefferson and Shelby counties for their asphalt shingle needs. We are a GAF Master Elite® roofer which means we are able to install the best products in the business. To learn more about your options, call us at (205) 324-8545 or fill out our Contact form for a free estimate.

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