The Importance of Knowing Your Roof’s Age

Amazing! The Importance of Knowing Your Roof’s Age

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The age of your roof may not sound as important as other aspects, but it is still very helpful to know. In today’s post, local roofer Hinkle Roofing takes a look at why it’s important for homeowners to know the age of their roof.

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Expected Lifetime

All roofs have an expected lifespan, which varies by roof type. Standard asphalt shingle roofs have a lifespan of 20 to 30 years. Metal roofs are expected to last around 50 years, while tile and slate roofs are expected to last over 100 years. Note that the key word here is “expected” as a number of factors can add or remove years from a roof’s longevity.

  • Maintenance. Similar to cars and air conditioning systems, roofs are also subject to wear and tear and therefore need regular maintenance. Lack of maintenance can shorten the life of the roof and void its warranty coverage.

  • Processing. Problems caused by poor installation, such as moisture damage and wind sting, may take years to become apparent.

The age of the roof is also important information for roofers like us as it influences the actions we ultimately include in our repair and maintenance plans. For example, a roof may show signs of aging such as brittleness or uncurling shingles. On a relatively new roof, this indicates a manufacturing defect. With a roof that has exceeded its expected lifespan, this means the homeowner should get a new roof. Even repairs to a roof that is due are, at best, superficial solutions.

How to determine the age of your roof

If you can’t remember when your roof was installed, don’t worry. There are the following ways to determine it:

  • documentation to your roof includes the original contract, the receipt for the final payment, guarantee documents or the building permit.

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