Three’s the magic number for Senior at Dixons Trinity Academy

Amazing! Three’s the magic number for Senior at Dixons Trinity Academy

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A trio of high-performance aluminum window solutions from Senior Architectural Systems have been put to the test at the new Dixons Trinity Academy in West Yorkshire, which is set to become a new end-to-end elementary and secondary school.

The new educational facility in the Chapeltown neighborhood of Leeds was designed by Faulkner Brown Architects and built by Willmott Dixon, with Seniors long-time supply chain partner Aire Valley Architectural Aluminum Ltd manufacturing and installing the window package.

Since sustainability is an important part of the envelope design, the patented PURe® aluminum windows from Senior were used to provide the required low U-values ​​and to make the building future-proof for the upcoming changes of Part L of the Building Regulations. The energy efficiency of the facade design was further increased through the use of the thermally reinforced SF52 aluminum curtain wall system from Senior, which also maximizes the use of natural light. Senior’s SPW501 business doors have been consistently specified for safe and secure access, with the robust design of all aluminum window systems providing a low-maintenance and extremely durable solution that is perfect for use in a busy school environment.

The unusual design of the new Dixons Trinity Academy envisions that the facilities will be divided into two parts by the A58 motorway, with the north site including the main school building and playgrounds. On the opposite side of the street is the southern area with the main car park and a number of new sports facilities, including a 4G all-weather field, a playing field and a multi-purpose play area (MUGA). A 26 m long Vierendeel truss bridge made of steel spans the street to connect and develop the two locations. The school first opened in September 2017 at a temporary location with 30 admission students and is expected to be an all-day school by 2023.

Senior’s commitment to working with planners at an early stage to develop the most suitable window package has resulted in the manufacturer entering into numerous contracts in the education sector, many of which are part of framework agreements. In addition to providing detailed technical advice and support, Seniors continued investment in its product range has resulted in the development of its patented PURe® range of aluminum windows and doors, which offer exceptionally low U-values ​​that exceed current regulations and offer greater flexibility those expected Changes to Part L.

The unique construction of Senior’s PURe® system, patented in Great Britain, has a powerful thermal barrier made of expanded polyurethane (PUR) to achieve exceptional thermal performance, with the PURe® window system having U-values ​​of up to 0.71 W / m2K when calculated as a commercial CEN standard window. The PURe® system not only helps to avoid heat losses in order to reduce energy consumption, but also offers “Cradle-to-Cradle” recycling capability, whereby even the PUR thermal insulation can be reused without landfilling. The system’s impressive environmental performance has made it widespread in various sectors, including a large number of educational buildings, where reducing carbon bills and improving efficiency are paramount.

To find out more about the Senior Architectural System PURe® range of aluminum windows and doors Click here.

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