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Wiggling toilet handle

A loose or wobbly toilet handle can be a nuisance. A toilet handle that doesn’t flush at all is even worse.

Fortunately, a loose toilet handle is a minor matter Toilet problem and one that is usually easy to fix. Here’s how you can fix a broken toilet handle by either tightening it or replacing it.

How to tighten a toilet handle

  1. Close the toilet seat cover.

    Prevent parts or tools from falling into it.

  2. Remove the cover from the toilet tank.

    Use both hands as it can be heavy and stand on a flat surface that won’t drop or break.

  3. Shut off the water in your toilet.

    The shut-off valve should be near the base on the back of your toilet.

  4. Press the toilet tank lever to empty the water from the tank.

    This allows you easier access to the inside of the handle.

  5. Find the toilet handle nut.

    It’s on the inside of the porcelain wall next to the handle. This is likely the cause of your loose toilet handle.

  6. Tighten the nut on the toilet handle.

    Use an adjustable wrench or pliers clockwise to make sure the nut is tight. Do not overtighten – this could break your china tank.

  7. Press the toilet handle to test.

    If it feels and sounds better, well done. If not, read on to learn how to replace a toilet handle.

  8. Turn the water supply back on.

    Turn the shut-off valve counterclockwise to open. Your tank will be refilled.

How to replace a toilet handle

  1. Determine what hardware you will need to replace your toilet lever. Most hardware stores sell universal toilet handles, but you may need a specific variety. Look up your existing brand name, model, and brand to see what type of flush handle replacement will work.
  1. Close the seat, remove the tank cap, turn off the water and empty the tank. (See 1-4 above.)
  1. Look inside the tank and open the chain clip attached to the lever. This is a small chain that hooks onto the inside of your toilet handle.
  1. Remove the fastening nut. This is the same nut you would have put on in the first instruction above. Use a wrench or pliers to loosen the nut (counterclockwise) and remove it.
  1. Pull out the old handle. Once the nut and tether are removed, you can pull them out by hand. You may have to angle it a little to get it out, but this is normal.
  1. Unscrew, but do not lose, the fastening nut on the new knurled nut. The nut can be made of metal or plastic.
  1. Insert the new lever into the tank so that it corresponds to the position of the old one. You know it’s right when the handle is flush with the side of the tank.
  1. Secure the handle from the inside of the tank with the new mounting nut.
One person tests their toilet lever replacement.
  1. Attach the chain to one of the holes in the lever. There are usually a few to choose from. You want about an inch of slack in the chain for it to flush properly. Try some of the different holes in the lever until you find the right length.
  1. Turn the water back on and test it. It should rinse easily without rattling.

Congratulations! You now know how to install a toilet handle.

Hopefully, by following these steps, you will have repaired or replaced your loose toilet handle.

If your toilet handle is broken or keeps coming off, contact Mike Diamond. We’ll diagnose the problem and make sure your toilet is working properly. No matter what your toilet question is, Mike Diamond – your trusted plumber in LA – has the answer.

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