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Like any industry, Building Information Modeling (BIM) is full of acronyms. But as in any industry, don’t let the jargon intimidate you!

LOD stands for Level of Development, as it is defined by the BIM Forum and is available in different versions:

LOD100: Very simple, conceptual modeling. General block shapes including rough overall dimensions.

LOD200: Models with visually approximate sizes, shapes, and orientations.

LOD300: Accurate models suitable for creating true-to-scale workshop drawings. Sometimes models involve data entry at this stage.

LOD400: Models in this phase are precisely detailed assemblies that are ready to be prefabricated. Models have data inputs.

LOD500: Refers to inventory conditions so that they can be used for record drawing and asset maintenance purposes.

BIM LOD definitions

Seen! A spreadsheet matrix heat map in the wild!

For some projects, a low LOD such as LOD100 or LOD200 is sufficient as the most cost effective approach. However, other projects require a higher level of development. In these projects, the LOD often increases at every stage of the design, from LOD100 in the conceptual planning phase to LOD400 during construction preparation.

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