Virtual AU 2021 – Submissions Closed, Voting Open! – The BIMsider

Amazing! Virtual AU 2021 – Submissions Closed, Voting Open! – The BIMsider

Information about Virtual AU 2021 – Submissions Closed, Voting Open! – The BIMsider

Phil Puccio

It’s that time of year again when you see lots of posts on LinkedIn and Twitter with people sharing the class or signing up for them Autodesk University 2021. It’s time to vote again, your chance to help shape what # AU2021 will look like! This year, the voting will end on May 12th, just 12 days after the submissions end, so hurry to hear your vote. You can review all submitted sessions for this year Virtual AU HERE.

This year Autodesk University will again be a purely online event, which will take place in autumn 2021 without official dates for this post. The people at AU have also said they will be accepting fewer sessions this year, around 300, which is less than the typical 750 for a live event. Maybe that’s because they only offer 3 types of sessions this year; Industry discussion, teaching demo or panel. Also this year no labs and no round tables. This could also be because, in general, I think there is less appetite to speak at another “virtual” event as people are willing to come back for a face-to-face conference. Of course, we all understand that virtual events have to come due before the face-to-face meeting can be safely carried out for everyone.

I know you have been waiting for, the part where I ask you to take a look at the sessions I submitted for AU 2021 and see if you would like to vote for any … wait no longer 😁

I’m a big fan of lab and roundtable sessions. I’m not going to lie, and not being able to submit these topics cut my submission to just 8 from last year.

Autodesk also made some changes to the way it searches and reconciles meetings this year. In the past you could look for the speaker, this year it is not. This can make finding person meetings a little more difficult. I found a way to get around this by adding my initials (CGS) to the last “learning item” so people can then simply search for CGS and find all of my 8 sessions. It used to be when everyone could vote, but this year you’ll need an Autodesk ID and be signed in with that ID to be able to vote. I think this makes sense as people with Autodesk ID are the target audience and are more likely to attend a session than your Nan who saw your post on Facebook (no insult to hip grandmothers who still rock Revit and visit AUs).

So if you think any of my meetings would add value to the AU 2021 program, you can vote using this link HERE.

Of course there are a lot of great sessions to vote for, over 1200+ of them (also fewer than last year 2000+). You can scroll through the sessions or search by session type, topic industry, or product. I can also offer some sessions that I voted for that may be of interest.

I’ve added my voice to many other great sessions, but there is also no easy way to go back to sessions you voted for (recommended), which doesn’t seem intuitive.

In any case, good luck to everyone who submitted a session for Virtual AU 2021!

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