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Welcome to Bhodex Plumbing Engineering Company

We are your best choice. We are a medium-sized plumbing company that specializes in everything from new buildings to commercial properties. We will always find a way to get the task at hand with accuracy.

PPR re-piping and Henco re-piping experts
Bhodex Plumbing Engineering Company has experience of all kinds of plumbing, plumbing and plumbing systems since 2003. We pipe water supply systems, sewer systems and natural air conditioning drainage.

We serve all of Lagos including Abuja, P / H and Anambra State ….. Etc
Experience counts
We are real repipe experts. We have relocated over 150 houses, apartments and commercial buildings. In Nigeria, re-piping and re-piping is part of the plumbing registration classification. We are a registered sanitary specialist. We do not use subcontractors. When we re-pipe your building, we have a well-trained and experienced crew to work on your project. We offer the highest quality repipe jobs in the industry and with a double price difference guarantee. We offer the highest quality at the best price – guaranteed!

What is re-piping?

Re-piping means replacing the plumbing systems (water supply, drains, A / C drain or gas line)
Repipeting is a process of replacing utility lines in an apartment or business. It is not a temporary repair or replacement of short sections of pipe, it is a complete replacement of your utility piping system. There are several reasons why you may need to remodel your home or business. Corrosion of the pipes can lead to low water pressure, rust-colored water, reduced water flow or leaks. If you’re looking to remodel, it’s a good time to whistle a new whistle before you tie up or finish your walls. It is important to understand the scope of the project before starting work. If you notice a single leak, or a leak in a small portion of your existing piping, or corroded or cracked valves, it might be an indication of a bigger problem.
Repipeting is a process of installing a new PPR repipe system. This process usually involves removing old, easily accessible pipes and then installing the new plumbing system. After installing the new piping system, the water is turned on again, the system is subjected to a pressure test and then flushed out. The repipe process takes 1-3 days to install the new piping system. After the actual replacement of the pipelines, some wall repairs are required.

Our specialty

Bhodex Plumbing Engineering Company specializes in Nigeria. Enter Henco and PPR repiping. Our crews are experienced in planning the job, ordering parts, installing them, and inspecting the re-piping process. We have experienced patching crews in-house.
Call us today and let us make you a free estimate and show you how we can properly pipe your house or building for less money – guaranteed ………

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