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If your floor or driveway is old, damaged, or worn, it may be time for a concrete pad.

Concrete overlays are thin layers of polymer-modified concrete applied to an existing surface. They are often used to improve the appearance or durability of a surface without digging up the old one.

Overlays can be used on both indoor and outdoor surfaces and come in a variety of colors and textures.

The application process

Concrete overlays can be applied from the feather edge to a thickness of 2 inches. They can be brushed, smoothed or stamped and colored like the original layer.

A trowel, rake, squeegee or smoother is required for application.

The process is generally the same as pouring the slab underneath: you will do it bring in the professionalsgive us an idea of ​​what you are looking for and we will pour and seal your concrete pavement.

The only difference is that we sand the original layer and repair any cracks before we start pouring. This will ensure you have the smoothest possible surface, free from bumps.

Concrete coating in the home or business

Many home and business owners are looking to concrete coatings to give them a new surface that is easy to clean and easy to look at.

At Port Aggregates we use our own special mixture of ready-mixed concrete to offer you the most durable and durable concrete on the market. Our mix consists of the best materials that give your concrete a clear advantage when it comes to preventing premature compressive strength failures, eliminating problems and lowering your overall costs.

How long does a concrete pad last?

As long as it is professionally applied and the surface properly prepared, you can expect your concrete overlay to last for many years (especially if sealed).

The original slab must be thoroughly cleaned and free of chips, cracks or loose concrete. If it’s really old and porous, it may need to be treated with a concrete hardener and compactor first.

Overall, a concrete pad is the best way to give your concrete a fresh, new look at a much cheaper price than removing the old slab and pouring a new one. Overlays can be used to repair concrete, level floors, add decorative stamps to an existing slab, and are useful for a variety of different projects.

Our professional concrete workers at Port Aggregates have over 40 years of experience creating beautiful concrete products. Our special ready-mixed concrete helps driveways last for decades with proper care. Contact us today Ask for a quote!

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