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Access to clean, healthy water is the backbone of your life and the function of your DFW home. But your water can contain many contaminants, depending on the source of your supply. Water with an unusual taste, odor, or color may contain bacteria, heavy metals, or chemical contaminants.

A whole home water filtration system provided by our Mr. Plumber team ensures that the water flowing through your home is safe and healthy. Read on to learn more about whole house water filters.

What is a whole house filtration system?

Whole-home water filters are sometimes referred to as point-of-entry (POE) filters. They are placed at the main entry point of your home’s water supply and from there they filter it before it reaches your plumbing fixtures.

POE filters trap contaminants to ensure you have access to softer, cleaner and less odorous drinking water. They are designed to filter the water going to every water outlet in your home, including shower heads and appliances.

Benefits of a water filter for the whole house

Investing in a whole-home water filtration system will improve the quality of the water flowing through your home’s pipes and faucets. That means you have access to cleaner, healthier water for drinking, bathing, cooking and washing.

Other benefits of whole-home water filtration systems include:

  • Reduce water contamination and potential medical problems caused by contact with them
  • Softens hard water, which improves the health of your skin and hair, and the cleanliness of clothes and dishes
  • Provides healthier water for you, your pets and plants
  • Improves the quality and taste of drinks and food
  • Ideal for well water or water with a strong odor
  • Pipes clog less
  • Can extend the life of your devices

The best water filter types

Researching the many types of water filtration systems can become overwhelming, especially when you compare the cost of each system. The first step in deciding which filter is best for your home is to understand what is contaminating your water supply. Once you know what contaminants you want to remove, you can narrow down which filtration method(s) will be most effective for your home.

Filter systems for the whole house

  • reverse osmosis: Removes all kinds of impurities. But they produce more waste water, require more maintenance and are more expensive. They can also filter good minerals from your water.
  • carbon based: Removes chlorine, one of the most common contaminants that cause bad-tasting water. They are also cheaper and require less maintenance. In addition to these, an additional POE filter may be required to remove other particles.

Point-of-use filter systems

Point-Of-Use (POU) filters are less expensive and easier to install than POE filters. Below are some popular options for getting clean drinking water without breaking the bank.

  • Mounted on the faucet: Attach to faucets, are easy to turn on and off, are inexpensive and require regular replacement.
  • Water Pitcher: Built into pitchers, requires no installation, and is the cheapest filter. They are available in different pore sizes and the filter needs to be replaced regularly.
  • Faucet-Integrated: Are present in the faucet, can be easily switched on and off, but are more expensive and require professional installation.

Dallas water filtration

Aside from what the filter is designed to remove, there are many things to consider when deciding which water filter is best for your home. Mr. Plumber’s professional technicians can help you understand flow rate, maintenance requirements and other installation questions you have!

We’ve offered DFW residents 100% satisfaction guarantees since 1987, so give us a call today and schedule a free water test!

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