What Gravel is Best for Driveways?

Amazing! What Gravel is Best for Driveways?

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gravel Driveways are popular because they are inexpensive, durable, and low-maintenance. You can choose from many different types including crushed stone, pea gravel, quarrying methods, and more.

But which gravel is best for driveways?

Each has advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look.

Quarrying process

This type of gravel is made up of dust and pulverized rock. After watering, the dust settles in the crevices between the rocks to create a compact driveway. Since it forms a semi-solid surface, it doesn’t drain well, but it’s a great base layer for a driveway.

Jersey shore gravel

Jersey shore gravel is made up of rounded pebbles that don’t compact well. That being said, they move very well under vehicles, but the driveway needs to be bordered a bit so the gravel doesn’t roll away. Because these pebbles come in beach tones, they are often found on the east bank (hence the name “Jersey Shore” gravel).


Pea gravel consists of small, round, naturally weathered stones that can be used as landscape or driveway material. It’s not as durable as some of the other options, but it has some advantages. It can create a more natural look and is softer when driving.

Because it has rounded edges, pea gravel isn’t as sharp as some of the other options available. This makes it great for driveways as cars won’t damage their tires or windows when driving over the rocks. It also has a natural look and is very affordable.

Gravel # 3

Gravel # 3 refers to gravel rocks up to 2 inches in diameter. It is most commonly used as a sub-base in driveways as it provides a strong foundation for finer gravel to be poured over. Its irregular shape allows good drainage without compacting.

Which gravel is best for a driveway? If you want to make sure your driveway will last as long as possible, then gravel is the most durable option. However, if you’re looking for something a little more natural, pea gravel is a great choice.

Whichever type of gravel you choose, pay attention to it consult a professional at Port Aggregates before starting your project. We will help you choose the best type of gravel for your driveway. Contact us today to Ask for a quote!

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