What I Wear to Pour Concrete- Safety Gear for Concrete

Amazing! What I Wear to Pour Concrete- Safety Gear for Concrete

Information about What I Wear to Pour Concrete- Safety Gear for Concrete

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Over the past 30 years I’ve poured concrete, I’ve found the best clothes and shoes I can wear when pouring concrete. There are many things to consider when choosing your clothes –

  • Flexibility (you need full freedom of movement while working)
  • Breathable (you don’t want to overheat on hot summer days)
  • Protection (protect yourself from the concrete)
  • Temperature / season

On this page I will guide you in choosing the right concrete wear!

my dress!

Hi, my name is Mike Day and I am the owner of Day’s Concrete Floors in Maine. In Maine we experience very hot summers and even colder winters at any time of the year. Because of this, I need to be prepared with what I am wearing. Not only do I own this business, I also have a youtube channel: Everything about concrete. I recently created clothes that I wear every day to pour concrete. If you want to buy something, click HERE. My clothes include:

All products are available in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors. Visit my clothing shop:


Safety equipment

It is important to wear the correct clothing when pouring concrete to ensure your safety. If your bare skin is exposed to concrete, it can burn you. That’s why I always wear some kind of long sleeve and long trousers when concreting. Here are some other safety equipments that I use:

When it’s hot:

Other important things:

And be sure to always hydrate!

Cold weather concrete

I’ve been casting concrete in Maine for over 30 winters now. If your not from Maine let me tell you the winters here are BRUTAL! Here are my favorite pieces of clothing to keep warm in the freezing temperatures:


It is important to wear the right footwear when concreting. Always wear rubber boots when working in concrete. After that, when you start concreting, I usually put on sneakers.



If you want to learn more about concrete, visit the CONCRETE SUBSOIL

Hope you found this page helpful in figuring out what to wear when pouring concrete!


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