What Is Flushable and What Is Not?

Amazing! What Is Flushable and What Is Not?

Information about What Is Flushable and What Is Not?

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The concept of a flushable product can be misleading. While an item can clean the toilet bowl, it may not break if it travels through your plumbing. This can lead to clogged toilets and clogged pipes. Avoid costly repairs by learning the difference between flushable and non-flushable items. Follow this advice from Mr. Plumber to better understand what’s recommended for flushing and what’s not.

All right if the drain is clear?

It may come as a surprise that you could abuse your toilet. Since the drain lines coming out of your home average 4 inches in diameter, it doesn’t take much to cause a clog. If members of your household continue to flush materials that don’t break down between flushes, the products can back up and clog your pipes.

Are flushable wipes flushable?

As strange as it sounds, wipes are advertised as ‘flushable‘ must not be sent to the toilet. This is because wipes don’t break down as quickly as toilet paper and can cause major clogs in the plumbing further down the system. In fact, flushable wipes are a leading cause of sewer clogs in the United States

Test it yourself: Put a cloth in a bowl of water and leave it on for an hour. Check it out, even twirl it around. Chances are it won’t dissolve in water, and it won’t dissolve in your plumbing either.

Frequently flushed non-flushable fabrics

Personal care and hygiene products are more than just toilet paper. While it’s easy to send these items down the toilet, resist the temptation. Here’s a list of some common flushing items that you don’t want to be migrating down your plumbing.

  • facial tissues
  • paper towels, napkins
  • cat litter
  • feminine hygiene product
  • safety contraceptives
  • diapers
  • hair
  • Fat

Flushing these items can clog your toilet and damage your pipes. Avoid costly plumbing repairs by throwing these items in the trash after use.

What can be flushed?

The three P’s

So when you’re considering flushing something, remember the three Ps: phew, to pee and papertoil paper that is. Body waste and toilet paper are the only things that should be flushed. All other bathroom or hygiene products should be discarded in the trash.

Keep this in mind to keep your plumbing free of clogs and your toilet free to flow.

It is too late?

If you have been habitually washing non-flushable items, stop immediately. You can still use these products, just remember to throw them in the trash instead of sending them down the toilet. If you’re struggling with clogged pipes, see a professional.

At Mr. Plumber, we’re here to help you unclog your drains and get your plumbing back to normal.

Trust Mr. Plumber

With decades of industry knowledge and experience, you can count on Mr. Plumber. From minor clogs to major pipe repairs, our team can handle it all. If you need help with your plumbing, contact the professionals at Mr. Plumber. Contact us today!

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