What You Need to Know About Your Home’s Downspouts

Amazing! What You Need to Know About Your Home’s Downspouts

Information about What You Need to Know About Your Home’s Downspouts

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Your gutters and downspouts protect your home from costly water damage. They divert rainwater at a safe distance from your property and thus protect your exterior and landscaping. Downspouts are pipes that draw water from the gutters into the ground or into your drainage system.

Downpipes of the house

Discover quick facts about your downspouts from a trusted home and office commercial roofer.

You can customize your downspouts

Did you know that you can customize different parts of your downspouts? It may have a splash guard that will help reduce the speed of water flow through the downspouts to prevent erosion. You can also add a gutter extension that will allow the water to reach a further distance from your home.

Your downspouts will last longer with proper maintenance

Like your gutters, downspouts will deteriorate over the years. Have this component checked and serviced by specialists on a regular basis. With the right care, your gutters and downspouts will work more efficiently and last longer. As one of the leading channels in the region and Roofing companies, you can rely on Hinkle Roofing for your guttering needs.

You need the right number of downspouts for your home

It is a common misconception that homes only need one or two downspouts. The truth is you need one for every 20 to 25 feet of roof line. Another factor to consider when determining how many downspouts your home will need is the amount of rainfall your location will receive. To make sure your home has enough gutters and downspouts, hire a reliable contractor to do the installation.

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