What’s Usually Causing the Clogs in Your Gutters?

Amazing! What’s Usually Causing the Clogs in Your Gutters?

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Clogged gutters are often an annoying problem that every homeowner has on their roof. This is because they are often tedious and a bit dangerous to clean every time, even if you have the basic safety equipment to work with. However, gutter cleaning and maintenance is still required to prevent water buildup and damage to your roof.

    Clogs in your gutters

Still, to make sure your gutters stay clog free, it is important to understand what is causing them to avoid future problems. Our gutter and Image window The Hinkle Roofing installation team explains some of the most common ones below:


This is best seen as slimy black material made up of a rotten mess of broken leaves and branches. It can sometimes even be made from animal carcasses that have been unfortunate enough to get stuck in your gutters. The sludge can sometimes be used as organic material in a compost heap if you have one; Just make sure to clean it and dispose of it properly if you find it clogged in your gutters. If it gets stuck in your gutters and downspouts, they will not be effectively directing water drainage and will slowly cause rot damage to the edges of your roof.

Bird nests

Birds tend to flock into your gutters and use the accumulated debris to build their nests. While some just get some rubble and build their nests on a nearby branch, others may stay nearby and build their homes right on top of your gutters. To prevent this from happening, make sure you are dealing with a trusted one roofer and perform regular cleaning and maintenance checks. Also, consider adding a gutter protector to further deter the birds from building a home on your gutters!

Small branches and leaves

These are common causes of gutter clogging as they usually come from overhanging branches of nearby trees that lose their leaves year round. They will fall off even more in the fall season, so cleaning them of gutters and roofs by yourself becomes a tedious task. Otherwise, the leaves and small branches will end up towards your gutters and cause clogging and other additional problems during the winter season.

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