When Is The Best Time To Have A Sewer Line Inspection?

Amazing! When Is The Best Time To Have A Sewer Line Inspection?

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Sewer inspections

Sewer inspections are important to make sure your home’s sewers are in tip-top condition, but it’s not always clear when the best time to do an inspection is and what the benefits are.

Here at Mr. Plumber, we know all the details when it comes to plumbing. Here’s everything you need to know about sewer inspection and when to plan one.

What is a sewer inspection?

A sewer inspection is the process of thoroughly examining your home’s sewer pipes. A plumber will check your sewer lines by sending a sewer camera through the pipes of your home. The camera records the condition of the pipes and allows the installer to find problems with the sewer lines.

How often should I have a sewer inspection done?

Because the sewer inspection is so thorough and an excellent preventive measure, it is generally recommended that you do a sewer inspection at least once a year.

It is also recommended that you get a sewer inspection when purchasing a new home. You need to make sure that the sewer pipe condition is satisfactory. Sewer pipe repairs can be costly if they are in poor condition. So always make sure you inspect the sewer line before buying a new home.

Are there any advantages to a sewer inspection?

When you begin to weigh the cost of a sewer inspection and the cost of fixing a sewer problem, it becomes clear why a sewer inspection is important. A sewer inspection typically costs around $ 150 and takes about an hour. During this inspection, the plumber will thoroughly examine your sewer lines and catch small problems before they become big.

If these small problems go unnoticed, they grow into bigger ones and you could face an expensive repair. Schedule regular sewer inspections to avoid this problem.

What are signs of a sewer inspection?

Buying a new home isn’t the only time you should plan a viewing. If you ever experience any of these problems, the best time to plan a sewer inspection quickly.

bad smell from the toilet

The most common sign that you need a sewer inspection is when you smell something similar to sewer gas from your bathroom, or especially your toilet. This often means your sewer lines are not properly ventilated and it can be potentially dangerous if not maintained.

Low water level and slow emptying

If you notice that all of your toilets are running low or draining slowly, you likely have a clogged sewer. While you may be able to remove it with the right tools, it is best to consult a professional.

Septic tank overflow

In extreme cases, wastewater can build up in your garden. This is a sign that one of your sewer pipes has broken. Immediately stop using all of the water in your home and call your local health department for help.

Contact the professionals!

When you’re ready to start planning a sewer inspection, contact Mr. Plumber today! We have served the San Antonio Community for over forty years and are professionals when it comes to plumbing. Whether you need help with your water heater, bathroom installation, or a gas leak, you can count on us to get the job done right.

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