Why Are There Fruit Flies In My Drain?

Amazing! Why Are There Fruit Flies In My Drain?

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It’s hard to imagine anything more disgusting or more irritating Fruit flies treat your drain like a mosh pit. You may be wondering how your sink became the hotspot for these pesky creatures and more importantly, how to kick them out. Here at Mr. Plumber we are here to enlighten you on this topic and hopefully ease your frustration!

What are common causes of fruit flies in the drain?

Excessive moisture

Would you rather be stranded in the Sahara or chilling in the tropics of Tahiti? Definitely the lush later option. This feeling is mutual for the fruit flies, because for them your sink is the best vacation spot!

The moist organic matter in drains is an attractive breeding ground for fruit flies. Female fruit flies can lay dozens of eggs in a day, making the population grow rapidly! Before you know it, you have entire communities thrive in your sink. Yuck!

Unhygienic toilets

For you, a messy bathroom is a haven for fruit flies. If you have damp rags or towels and wet, dirty clothes on the floor, you risk migrating fruit flies. Even dirty sponges can be just as problematic!

The rule of thumb is to Keep the areas around your drain hygienic. When you’re not cleaning up, you’ll witness daily fruit fly cookouts!

Clogged drains

This reason creates an absolute breeding ground for fruit flies! This accumulated rot and dirt in the drain is incredibly attractive to them. If you haven’t cleaned your drain for a long time, this may be the reason for your frustration.

food from the kitchen

What’s better than a wet toilet for a fruit fly? Well your kitchen maybe even more tempting! The rotting food in your trash can or the rotting items in your fridge and cupboard are like a magnet for fruit flies! Often they migrate from your kitchen to your toilet drains.

If your kitchen is unsanitary, you’ll be in trouble too! Uncleaned dishes piling up in the sink or standing in dirty water is a big problem.

How to get rid of flies in the drain?

pour vinegar

Pouring vinegar will disinfect and remove any rot in the drain. The vinegar can help dissolve the food stuck in the drain.

drain cleaner

A special drain cleaner removes the deposits in the drain and also helps with the sanitation.

How to prevent fruit flies from going down the drain?

Take out the trash often

As previously mentioned, rotting food in your trash can is a serious magnet for fruit flies. So make sure your trash is thrown out frequently to prevent the critters from gathering there in the first place.

Use cider traps

Take a bowl and fill it up with vinegar. Next, add dish soap and mix it up and it will quickly catch fruit flies!

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