Why Backflow Prevention Is So Important

Amazing! Why Backflow Prevention Is So Important

Information about Why Backflow Prevention Is So Important

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Today we want to talk about why backflow prevention is so important. This is an extremely important service to have in your home as it is something that keeps your home safe and healthy. The water supplied to us in the Orlando area is great; the problem that occurs when it starts to flow backwards. It can become a real threat to your health.

If you want to make sure your Plumbing in Orlando, FL, is in the right shape, then we recommend backflow testing and backflow prevention. Although many homeowners have heard of them, they may not know the full details of these services. Below we go over everything you should know about backflow prevention and backflow testing.

What is reflux?

Backflow is a term used to describe when the water entering your home from your municipal system begins to flow backwards. Backflow of water into your home can be harmful as this water can carry contaminants into the water supply system and make it potable. Backflow is a major hazard because it is unsanitary. Consuming or bathing in this water puts you at risk of disease and infection.

How it happens

Backflow occurs when changes occur in your home’s plumbing. These pressure changes are likely to occur when you are having problems with your water line. Water pipes can break or have problems when they need repairs. In the event of a rupture or disconnection, water will flow out the other side of the rupture, creating a vacuum in the water supply system. This is where the reflux takes place. The vacuum created sucks contaminated water back into your water supply.

Why you need a backflow preventer

Now we come to the backflow prevention. Backflow prevention prevents potentially hazardous chemicals from entering your water supply. A backflow preventer is specially designed to ensure no drinking water is left out of your water.

It works by creating an air gap. When the nonpotable water starts to flow backwards, it can’t really reach your home’s water supply.

A backflow preventer ensures your safety. Contaminated drinking water can easily make you ill. You want to be protected from contaminants, pollutants and parasites that can lurk in dirty water. If you’re wondering how to find a backflow preventer yourself or find a plumbing professional to install it properly, you can contact our team.

Make sure you choose a professional

Our professionals make sure we understand absolutely everything that goes into installing a perfect backflow preventer. We also ensure that each of our technicians is prepared and qualified to carry out the work you require. Professional work requires specialist knowledge. We make sure our team members have the right training to better serve you. If you’re interested in getting the ball rolling when it comes to backflow preventers, then it’s time to contact one of our experts.

Contact Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc make an appointment with our professionals.

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