Why is My Toilet Not Flushing?

Amazing! Why is My Toilet Not Flushing?

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There is no worse situation than flushing the toilet and it won’t flush, leaving you in an uncomfortable floating position to find out what’s causing it. The most comforting thought is that there are a few possible causes, all of which you can fix without calling a plumber on hand!

The possible causes and solutions:

Blocked toilet

This is the most common problem preventing the toilet from flushing. Sometimes the blockage is deeper in the pipes that lead to your toilet bowl, leaving the blockage hidden and unnoticed. The best way to see if you have a hidden blockage is to pour a gallon of water into your toilet bowl. If the water doesn’t flush away, your toilet is clogged.

The simplest solution is to grab a toilet plunger and get to work solving things. The most efficient plunger to use is a plunger with a “cup” on the end to ensure that the seal between the plunger and bowl opening is secured for movement. If that doesn’t work, try snaking the toilet to drain and free whatever is further up the pipe.

Handle and chain separate

The handle and chain are in your toilet’s tank, so you’ll need to carefully remove the lid to see what’s going on inside. The handle is connected by a simple chain to the flap, the valve that holds the water in the tank. The simple explanation is that the chain separated in one place during the flush. If the chain is not disconnected, the chain may be too long or too short, resulting in a leak in the seal created by the baffle and handle.

If the chain is too short, there will be an opening that will allow water to leak out and not circulate properly. If the chain is too long, the flap will not be able to open, potentially flooding your toilet tank.

While looking at the chain, check that both sides are connected. If not, just reattach it. If you suspect the chain is too long or too short, see if the flap can open and close completely when you flush the toilet. If not, you will need to purchase a longer or shorter chain depending on your specific situation.

The flapper does not close

As mentioned above, the flap keeps the water in your toilet’s tank. The flap is a small rubber valve that forms a seal on the bottom of your toilet. Without this seal, the water cannot remain at a high level, also known as the “fill line”, and maintain flushability. If your door doesn’t close, it may be because the chain and handle attached to it are too short or too long. or the flap itself is broken and needs to be replaced.

To replace a baffle plate, all you have to do is buy a new one from a hardware store. They are inexpensive because they are only made of rubber. After purchase, shut off the water flow to your toilet, drain excess water from the tank, and then replace the flaps. After completing this process, make sure the chain is back on and turn the water back on!

The overflow pipe needs to be repaired

Overflow pipes in your toilet tank help drain the water directly into the water bowl when you flush the toilet. But due to the constant pressure of the toilet water, these hoses can easily tear. Once the water is cracked, it will pour into the tube instead of the bowl. This will stop the flow of water, which will stop flushing.

The only way to fix this problem is to completely replace the pipe. Unless you are proficient in this type of manual labor, it is best to call a professional plumber to see which part of the overflow pipe is not working and if there is a specific part that can fix its problem.

The toilet nozzles are dirty

The toilet nozzles are the small holes that are on the bottom of the rim of your toilet bowl. When the toilet is flushed, the water flows through it to create the circular vortex motion that removes the litter. If those little nozzles are clogged with scale or dirt corrosion, the water won’t be able to come out effectively – which will hinder your toilet from fully flushing.

If your nozzles are clogged, use a small nail or wire toothbrush to remove clogged debris and debris in your nozzles. Use diluted bleach and vinegar to aid in this process. Once all of the debris is removed from your nozzles, your toilet should be fully functional and with full flushing capacity again!

Toilet still doesn’t flush?

If any of the causes above haven’t resolved your toilet’s problems, it’s time to call a replacement and schedule a plumber. The plumber can most likely diagnose the problem that is causing your toilet not to flush as they are trained professionals who are precisely skilled in this line of problem-solving. With Mr. Plumber, our technicians are responsible and can help you pinpoint the exact problem that is causing your concern. No task is too big or too small for our team of installers to solve for you in a timely and friendly manner!

For more information on debugging your toilets, contact Mr Plumber Plumbing Co. easy to rinse again.

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