Why Realtors Should Partner With a Roofing Company

Amazing! Why Realtors Should Partner With a Roofing Company

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As a real estate agent, your partnerships in the community are extremely important to your success. One of the most beneficial partnerships you can forge is with a trusted roofing company. Both sellers and buyers want to do a roof assessment and do any repairs before the house is closed. Spending time digging into roof repairs can be a major setback. It can cost you time and money fixing roof issues, even more so when the house needs a roof replacement.

When time is on the line, roof repair delays are the last thing you want. Buyers need to know that the roof of their new home is in good shape, and waiting for that reassurance can cost you money. Partnering with a trusted roofing company will save you time and money.

As a broker, here are a few advantages to partnering with a trusted roofing company in your area:

You will receive quick and professional help with necessary repairs.

The loss of time researching roofing companies or waiting for repairs to be completed creates frustration for both the buyer and seller. Having a relationship with a quality roofing company ensures your customers don’t have to wait long and the sale goes more smoothly.

Many roofing companies offer their partners FREE estimates for repairs and replacements.

Given the number of estimates your business will need, this is an easy way to save money.

As a partner, you receive priority service.

When you work with a roofing company, they are quick to help when you need them. This partnership ensures that your work is high on the list.

You can quickly obtain second opinions on roof reports from other companies.

If your customer has already had a roof survey done by an unknown company, your partner company can create a trustworthy second opinion to ensure you don’t waste money on unnecessary repairs.

You are less likely to waste time waiting for the report after the roof repairs are complete.

As a partner, your roofing company prioritizes your projects and carries them out as efficiently as possible.

You are more likely to get recurring business and positive reviews when you work with a trusted roofing company.

A roofing partner who offers you prompt and professional service reduces the stress when buying or selling the house. If you deal with your customers’ problems and let a difficult situation go smoothly for them, they will be more likely to use your services again in the future or to recommend you to a friend.

If you’re a Texas real estate agent and want a reliable, professional roofing company, give us a call. Unlike many of our competitors, we have the ability to hold funds in trust on the day of closing and we also have experience working with brokers for quick turnaround of projects for both buyers and sellers. The last thing you want to deal with when buying or selling a home is a roofing issue. So let us do all the heavy lifting for you so that you can focus on what really matters: your customers.

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