Why Roofing Isn’t Done While It’s Raining

Amazing! Why Roofing Isn’t Done While It’s Raining

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Emergency repairs to the roof are often necessary after a storm to reduce the damage. If, however, it starts to rain again during a roofing work, the work is usually interrupted until the weather becomes favorable again. It is better to wait for nice weather as there are several risks in proceeding with the roofing project in the rain. Hinkle Roofing, your best choice when searching online for “Roofers near me“Explains what you need to know:

Roofers aren't done when it rains

The risks of a roof covering when it rains

An average roof-top project can take a few hours to a few days. During this time, the roof must be covered in favorable weather to ensure proper installation. When it starts to rain, the roofing work becomes more difficult and dangerous. Even with appropriate safety equipment, roofers are at risk, as the wet roof becomes a dangerous environment with an increased risk of slipping and falling.

As trusted professionals in Replacement window and roofs, we always give priority to the safety of our workers. This means that we stop our work if it suddenly rains in the middle of a roof project and wait. However, this rarely happens when you work with us as we constantly monitor the weather and schedule the roofing work when the weather is most favorable!

Your guarantee is also affected

Most roof manufacturers do not guarantee the product until it has been properly installed. That means it should be installed following certain guidelines to ensure that the roofing materials are placed properly and in order. This usually means your roof should be installed in dry conditions and when the weather is nice, as the rain can affect the adhesion of the shingles and other materials. If you decide not to follow the correct instructions for installing your roof, you only risk that your warranty will be void and your new roof will fail sooner than expected.

Hinkle Roofing has been a trusted local roofing and window services contractor for over 110 years. If you search online for “Roofers near me“You know who to look for! Call our team today at (205) 324-8545 or fill out our convenient form Online form.

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