Why Won’t My Sink Stop Dripping?

Amazing! Why Won’t My Sink Stop Dripping?

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Dripping sink, why won't my sink stop dripping?

While it may seem like just a minor annoyance, if left unfixed, a leaky faucet can seriously harm both the environment and your bank account. With every drop, valuable water and money are given away. Actually loud EPAHousehold leaks produce nearly a trillion gallons of wasted water every year nationwide.

Therefore, contact the sanitary service as soon as you notice a persistent drip. Mr. Plumber San Antonio can perform any drain or pipe repairs needed to keep your sink in tip-top condition. Request a service appointment today to get rid of annoying dripping from the sink.

Alternatively, you can try to solve the problem yourself by examining these possible causes and solutions:

Causes of dripping sink

Broken washing machine

A washer acts as a seal around the head of your faucet and protects against leakage. However, this component regularly presses against the internal parts of your sink, causing harmful friction. Over time, your washer can wear out, which means its sealing properties are reduced and water leaks out. Your sink is especially prone to this problem if you have a compression faucet.

Possible solution: The easiest way to fix a broken washing machine is to replace it. The component can be purchased online or at home maintenance stores. Before you buy, unscrew the head of your faucet and examine your existing washer, which should look like a rubber circle. Try to find a similar looking product when shopping.

However, your washing machine can also malfunction if it is poorly assembled. In these cases, replacing the part with a similar product will not solve the problem. Instead, you need to contact a plumber.

Worn O-ring

An O-ring looks like a small disc and will help stabilize your sink handle. Like washers, O-rings are small sink components that are prone to damage. With age, this part also wears out, allowing water to escape from your faucet.

Possible solution: Following the same advice as before, the simplest solution is to buy a new component. O-rings are available at most hardware stores, and you should be able to find a product that fits your old, worn part.

Aged cartridge

Every sink relies on a cartridge to regulate its water flow. Age, excess water or scale can damage this plastic part and result in an unsuitable jet. Another sign of a bad cartridge is difficulty regulating the water temperature in your sink.

Possible solution: As with all previous editions, an exchange is the best option. However, replacing cartridges is a bit more involved than replacing O-rings and washers. If you are inexperienced in dismantling a sink, contact a plumbing service.

Loose packing nuts

Like washers, packing nuts help seal your sink in the water. These parts are placed along plumbing shafts and can become loose over time, making it impossible to contain water flows.

Possible solution: Luckily, packing nuts are usually visible along pipes that run under and around your sink. If you notice that one of the nuts is unstable, take a suitable wrench and tighten the part. If this doesn’t solve the problem, you may need to make an appointment for more extensive pipe repairs.

Deteriorated valve seats or seals

A valve seat is located directly between the faucet and the spout of your sink. This sink component is particularly susceptible to water buildup, which compromises its integrity and function. Drops from the sink, which appear to appear directly at the spout, are therefore usually due to a damaged valve seat.

Possible solution: Unfortunately, corroded valve seats are much more difficult to replace. You need to take the old part to a hardware store and get an exact replacement from a trained employee. After that, you need to essentially deconstruct your sink and its handles. It is therefore better to consult a plumbing specialist.

Water pressure problems

Finally, sink dripping can be the result of improper water pressure. If water only comes out at a certain time of day, or if you turn your sink handles a certain way, blame the uneven water pressure.

Possible solution: Again, you should probably seek professional help. Consider having your water softener checked or arranging a water pressure test.

When to call plumbing services

If these DIY fixes fail, or you suspect the cause of a leak deserves professional attention, contact Mr. Plumber San Antonio for assistance. Our team strives to provide timely, courteous and reliable services and ensure your plumbing systems are always in top condition.

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