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Amazing! Why You Should Never Pour Hot Oil Down Your Drain – San Mateo Plumber

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Your plumbing system is the elixir of life in your home. Without them, you won’t be able to wash dishes, shower, or water the lawn. Therefore, you should handle each component with the utmost care. However, situations do arise that could potentially damage your plumbing. One of them is drain blockages. While many scenarios can cause these, one of the most common problems is pouring hot oil down the drain. Find out why you should never pour hot oil into the kitchen sink and find more tips to keep your drains and sinks running smoothly.

Never pour hot oil into the kitchen sink

It seems like a no-brainer. Hot oil is a liquid, and liquids go down the drain. However, the hot oil is a substance like no other. Regardless of the type of oil, these substances can clog or bake the inside of the drain.

Coconut oil, bacon fat and vegetable fat, for example, are ideal for preparing stir-fries or delicious meals. But while they liquefy at high temperatures, they solidify at room temperature. If you pour these down the drain, they will eventually reach room temperature, creating an impenetrable clog that can prevent proper drainage and water flow.

And while olive oil, rapeseed oil or avocado oil are liquid at room temperature, they are too hydrophobic. In short, that means they don’t like to mix with water. If you pour these oils down the drain and turn the water on, they’ll separate instantly. Instead of being flushed through the piping system, they bake on the sides of the pipes. Over time, this can create a bottleneck that eventually leads to a significant clog that requires the job of a plumber.

How to dispose of hot oil properly

If you regularly use butter, oil, or fat in cooking, proper disposal is essential. Fortunately, it’s not that difficult at all. First, choose a container like a coffee can or other container that will not melt due to the high temperature of the oil. Pour any remaining oil or fat into the container with each cooking process.

After you’ve filled the container, you have two options. The easy choice is to just throw the container in the trash. However, if you’re more of an environmentalist, give one of your local recycling centers a call. Most of the time, they’ll take your fat / oil mix and give you pennies for your effort.

Other tips for preventing drain clogging

The kitchen sink isn’t the only drain you should keep clean. Sinks, bathtubs and showers are just as important. Therefore, you should take these tips to heart:

  • Put drain protection over sinks and shower drains to keep hair and soap scum out
  • Brush your hair before showering or bathing
  • Do not flush certain items, such as paper towels or other bulky items, down the toilet

Since so much depends on clear and clean drainage lines, you shouldn’t leave anything to chance. If you’re not sure if a substance can go down the drain, don’t pour it down the sink. Instead, dispose of the substance properly. As a result, you have a clean plumbing system that you can rely on when you need it most and avoid clogged drains throughout your home.

Express Plumbing has home plumbing in San Mateo County to help if you ever need us, but part of our commitment to the Bay Area community is giving you preventative tips about the plumbing and drains in your home.

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