Will Vinegar Remove Concrete Sealer (This is Better)

Amazing! Will Vinegar Remove Concrete Sealer (This is Better)

Information about Will Vinegar Remove Concrete Sealer (This is Better)

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Removes vinegar concrete sealer

If you’re thinking of removing concrete sealer with vinegar, you’ll be disappointed.

Vinegar contains between 5% and 8% acetic acid, the rest is mostly water. Most concrete sealers today are designed to be RESISTANT to acids and acid-based products.

Well, how well your concrete sealer will resist the acid in vinegar depends on what type of sealer you have on your concrete.

If you have an acrylic or water based sealer, these are the least acid resistant. But they are still designed to withstand them.

Attempting to strip an acrylic concrete sealer with vinegar would be a tedious task at best.

If you have an epoxy, urethane, or polyaspartic concrete sealer, you might as well forget about it. These sealers (actually coatings) are much better quality than acrylics and vinegar can dull the finish but it won’t remove them.

Why Vinegar Won’t Remove Your Concrete Sealer

Below is a typical data sheet of an acrylic concrete sealer. The areas highlighted in yellow clearly show that it is acid resistant.

Most concrete sealer manufacturers (at least to my knowledge) have this in their data sheets.

You’re better off using a chemical stripper designed to remove concrete sealer than vinegar.

Vinegar removes concrete sealer

does vinegar damage my concrete?

If you use full strength vinegar and it comes into direct contact with the concrete, it will etch the surface, making it look dull or even slightly pitted.

Now the extent of the damage depends on how long you leave it on the concrete. But as soon as you pour or mop up the vinegar, the acetic acid will react (hiss) with the cement paste and etch it.

If you have concrete countertops or polished concrete floors, vinegar will dull the surface and damage the finish.

What’s better than vinegar for removing concrete sealer?

There are a few different methods you can try to remove concrete sealer. All of these are better than using vinegar.

1. High-pressure cleaning with a surface cleaner – The twisting movement combined with the water pressure is very suitable for removing and stripping old, white concrete sealant.

2. Chemical strippers – You spray, roll or brush this on and leave it on for a while. Then, high pressure wash or scrape off the concrete sealer. May last a few uses.

3. Sandblasting, soda blasting or wet blasting – All of these will completely remove the concrete finish. They’re a bit messy, but very good at stripping seal. You need to hire someone for that.


It’s best not to remove concrete sealer with vinegar.

Vinegar will dull or etch the sealed concrete surface rather than stripping the seal.

Use a product formulated to strip concrete sealer, or try xylene. Make sure you’re wearing the right protection if you do this.

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